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About nMNSC

nMNSC is a Fork of Crypto Project „MNSC“. 

MNSC was a Project based on Proof of Stake protocol owned by freelance developer Derik. After Derik leaves the Project we decided to continue the vision of a new Store of Value build on PoS Projects. 

Why Fork? 

Derik leaves suddenly the Project, but as owner and admin he have access to his Wallets, Discord, Explorer. We need to be sure that Derik can not manipulate anything. Our target is to be 100% transparent for the Community and bring back trustment in this Project.

What is the Usecase of nMNSC? 

The main Usecase of nMNSC is to build an Buybackprogram through investments in other PoS Projects. It will be a closed Cycle and can expanded any time. The Rewards from nMNSC will change in BTC -> These BTC will be used to buy Coins from other PoS Projects -> These will generate new Rewards -> These Reward will change in BTC -> These BTC will use to buyback nMNSC from Market = Cycle closed. This will be the Basic. Also the community can create any time more usecases and also the users can create there own usecases.  

Coin Specs

PoW Algorithm: Quark
Premine: 35,000,000 nMNSC
PoW Blocks: 1-500
PoS Blocks: Starting from 501
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Maturity: 20 Confirmations
Prefix: nMNSC adresses start with the capital letter "N"
Ports: 14258 (P2P) / 14259 (RPC)


The reward table of a crypto coin outlines how are distributed to network participants, based on factors such as the number of coins held, engagement in transactions, or contribution of computational power to the network, creating incentives to maintain the network’s security and efficiency.




Ubunutu 18.04


Ubuntu 20.04


Source Code

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